Derwent Graphitint Pencils

I have been watching the Graphite drawing lessons. I was intrigued by the colored graphite pencils which are applied and then activated with water, like watercolor pencils. There are only 24 colors that look and apply totally different than they look after activation. Today, I made a swatch sheet, and now I’m excited to actually play with this medium for a drawing. Matt recommends watercolor paper when using these. The swatches are on 140-pound hot press Arches watercolor paper. I’m sure they’ll look a bit different on cold pressed paper.

I priced them on the Blick site for around $50, but they were $38 on Amazon, so I ordered them.

Has anyone used these before? Did you love or hate them? I REALLY loved watching the transformation from dry to wet when water was applied. On the swatches, the top swatch for each color is dry, and the activated swatch is below the dry, except for white which I mixed with Shadow in both boxes.


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Brenda, i just got a set also. I too have only done a swatch board with them. I have a photo of a Heron on the beach that I took on vacation. I think it will bea perfect image to try the Graphitint pencils on. It may be next on my list. Currently working on my first real color penicils drawing and almost finished with it. Currently, 10 hours in and am really surprised at how it is coming out. I’ll post when done. Then maybe onto the Heron. Can’t wait to try them.


Hi Lenet

I’m contemplating what to do with the Graphitint pencils as we speak. My next original piece is of two birds on my suet feeder which I’m thinking will lend itself nicely to colored pencils. I’ll do something small at first with the Graphitint pencils and maybe branch out from there. I really think I’ll like them! Let me know when you try yours out! Will look forward to seeing the colored pencil piece you’re working on as well.