Any one Else make Color Swatches? (Black Edition Faber-castell on black paper)

Had to have these Faber-Castell Black Edition colored pencils. I did restrain myself and only buy 12. But curious if anyone else just has to right away make a color swatch to see how they look and behave? Now to decide what to draw with them…suggestions?


I’ve never heard of these! I threw $100 at a set of the 72 Derwent watercolor pencils. LOL! I love them, but won’t get anything else for a minute. I’ll look up these pencils you have! I love your color swatches. I’ve done that with watercolor paints. Maybe I should make it a habit with all new media!


Junenez - I had never heard about this Black Edition either. (But have now seen them on Amazon).

For all my paints and colored pencils, I have a spiral notebook where I have made color charts, by brand and type of media. I also put the color name and/or number next to the sample. I refer to these color charts all the time. It’s also a good place to check and see if I own something already so that I only buy what I don’t have. (Just like I keep lists by authors of all the books I have read.)

Terri Robichon

Hello June,

I have not heard of the either.

I do like to use colored inks on black paper, usually I draw birds, colorful ones and that might be a subject as a practice run to start with. Maybe a parrot or Macaw.

Just a thought. I now have to find them. I have not seen them on Blick’s, so like Terri will check them out on Amazon.

Teri (Artsycrochet)

This is great. I love it. Color swatches are good to use as a guide to use to match a color. You do not got it exactly though. I use Pantone Color paper selector. It has 500 swatches of color. You could also use fabric. Or mix colors and jot down your combination to get that color.

Denise, what great advice!


i have done something like that for my conte a paris sketching pencils, mostly to see how they blend with each other

Hello @junenez , I generally make color swatches of all of my different media that I have and do it when I get a new set. I generally take a picture of them and then concert to B/W so that I also have a value chart to refer too. Here is an example.



I make color charts of all my media also. It never occurred to me to scan it and convert to B&W to see the values. Good idea.

Terri Robichon

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Genius! :exploding_head:…I also make color swatches of all my stuff but never occurred to me to scan into B&W