Inspired by Strictly Come Dancing UK

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I love her dress and the clothing in general. What medium is it? Pastels or coloured pencil?

Thank you! It’s coloured pencil and inks :blush:

Hi ReetPetite, this is nice. How about more information. I understand you used colored pencils and inks, but I can’t figure out how you used them. Was the ink an underpainting with colored pencil on top? What is the paper and what size is it. Just curious. That’s how we all learn.
Terri Robichon

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Hi there,

It’s an A2 size….the coloured pencil colours (caran d’ache) are layered starting with the lightest tones and then blended with the same brand blender stick. I prefer these as they are oil based. I then add more tone to define and finally highlight with coloured ink pens. I use a variety of brands. If I need extra highlights I will use a posca pen.

I trust this helps?

All the best.


I forgot to add that I use a white charcoal pencil for the outline to work from as it’s easily erased as you work :blush:

Hi ReetPetite. That’s interesting. Thanks.

Terri Robichon

Hi @ReetPetite,
you said oil based, are you talking about the blender or the pencils?

And what are coloured ink pens? Never heard of those, with ink I always think of nib pens. Do you have a brand name for us?

Both the pencils and blender…all coloured pencils are not equal in composition so what you choose will influence your ‘finish’. I’ve given the brand name of these….pricey but worth it. Just plug in coloured ink pens into an Amazon search…I use too many brands to mention…I often switch as they can go out of stock. The black paper is multi media with a good ‘tooth’ to blend the colour.

We good?

So I did the search but get 3 different ink pens
Acrylic, gel pen and felt tip. As I said never heard of ink pens before, so maybe you can give some brand names you have used before or tell me which of the 3 you used? Thanks

What a wonderful job you did.

Thank you Denise…so pleased to have your feedback…I don’t draw people often so always a bit of a risky challenge :wink:


Wonderful painting, I really like the sharp lines and angles that you created, the reflections and highlights in the shirt, dress, and hair.

What medium did you use? Great control. Is this a large or smaller painting?

Thank you for sharing your artwork with us. Wonderful!


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Faber-Castell has some wonderful Indian ink pens, lightfast dry permanent. There are some super fine points to soft brushes. I have found with the brushes you can even use for stippling. They have a beautiful range of colors. I believe in the full set there are 90 colors, but don’t quote me on that!

Also, Micron has colored ink pens. They are all fine point ranging from 005 - 08. They have a lesser assortment of colors. I use both together as well as Staedtler watercolor fine point pens (03) There’s is a set of 60 and the work well for details alone, with other mediums and with watercolor washes. These are not real expensive and dry pretty permanent.

Just some suggestions what I use as I really enjoy working with ink.


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