Pen and ink/Colored Pencil Figure drawing

This is my first attempt at a figure painting or drawing so critical suggestions are always welcome. As it developed, starting with the pen and Ink I thought I wanted this little girl, a friend’s granddaughter, to pop so decided to try a mixed media by using colored pencils.

I used Strathmore 400 series mixed-media paper in slate blue, 6 x 8 for the background and Faber-Castell Polychromos with Black ink technical pens in size 01.

I apologize for the poor exposure of the image.

Thanks for taking a look.



You did a great job. Love it.

I just have no words! Amazing work

Hi Teri -

It’s so much fun to see what you’ve been working on. What a sweet little girl. Your range of values are really nice.

Terri Robichon

Thank you so much Terri,

I also look forward to seeing your pieces of artwork too!


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Teri, great job on the piece. Love the mixed media techniques.

Thank you Lenet, I always appreciate your input. Congratulations on the commission piece. Look forward to seeing it.