Native aussie blue bee

Iam a begginer in drawing and this is my first attempt to draw with coloured pencils after a lesson at secrets of drawing course. My only regret was using mi teintes touch paper…i had a hard time getting thin lines. I used polychromos. Any suggestions where to improve it?


You did a great job!. I love it.

Wow! Beautiful job! I’d never know that you are a beginner!

I love this picture. So colorful.


You did a great job with combining your colors and developing textures. I really like using polychromo colored pencils and I would never have thought this was your first colored pencil drawing.

You may want to try Canson Mi-tiente paper for pastels but not the touch. It will be gentler on your pencils and you may get crisper lines. Also, Bristol paper works well with colored pencils.

Keep up the good work,