Black & white - color

Hi there
I am a beginner in drawing and I am so happy having found this platform, provided by Matt.
I have a question concerning black & white drawing. I love pictures in black and white with a “dot” of color, e.q. a road in a city an the only subject in color is for exemple a red bus. What drawing medium you would use for the color part? I would appreciate if Matt could provide a video on this topic or is there one available on his homepage? Thanks.

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Hi, I use charcoal and chalk 99% of the time. I do pet portraits and I’ll use pastel pencils for their eyes. It blends very easily and pairs well with charcoal. If I used pastel pencils with graphite I don’t think it would do well since graphite has a shine

Thanks Jonc, sounds good. I have just drawn my first pictures with charcoal. Which brand of pastel pencils do you prefer for this?

I like the Stabilo CarbOthello Chalk-Pastel Colored Pencil. They sharpen pretty easily and are a good price range

:+1: Many thanks. Then I am going to try it with this brand and order one to try, how it works for me.

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I like pastels (soft & hard). It’s been a pretty long time since I have used oil pastels.