What medium for this? Need opinions

Looking for opinions as a family member asked me to draw this. I’m thinking colored pencils (maybe over watercolor). What do you think?

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Hello @jenlen65 , I would say color pencil would definitely be a good choice wheter or not you do watercolor underpainting. Other good possibilities would be Inktense or pastels (pencils). Doing this for someone else, I would use the medium you are most comfortable with. Any of those listed could give really vibrant colors and you should be able to get a good level of detail from any of these.



If you want to do a realistic drawing, pencils (colored, pastel, or others) would do well. Obviously you could also do gouache or oil as well as acrylics. If you opt for a less realistic drawing, then you might want to use watercolor or soft pastels. Based on Matt’s usual recommendation, I would make sure that the bird is not so close to the edge to avoid creating tension. Have fun!

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@jenlen65 I think colored pencils are perfect for this image. Be sure to use a paper with enough tooth. PastelMat is an example of a good one. Be patient and use lots of layers. Probably use a smaller size for the drawing because colored pencils are time consuming. If you use PastelMat paper, a watercolor under painting would not work with that paper. Media, paper selection and size are all decisions that should be made at the same time.

Terri Robichon

I definitely recommend pastelmat - love it. I would probably do pastels just because I am more confident with those. Can go quite a bit larger with pastels. But colored pencils would also be a good choice - loads of layers!
Can’t wait to see it