Mallard Drake Flying

I was talking to my neighbor and he was reminiscing about duck hunting. I was inspired to do a drawing of a duck. I decided to use colored pencils, because of the detail, which I thought would be too difficult in pastels. I am not very experienced with serious use of colored pencils. It is a whole different ball game from graphite, charcoal, or pastels. But, I think I did okay.


Ginny, I think you did a fantastic job with this.


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This is very well done. I love it.

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Oh wow! Looks fantastic! I love the vibrant blue. It creates a great focal point. Well done! For someone not very experienced in coloured pencils, you really did a wonderful job.

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I love the colors you really are great at being precise especially in his head!
It’s been awhile wondering if you did more ducks?
Hope so!

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Thank you, Therese. No more ducks. :grinning:

It’s very well done. I love the fact that the duck looks like it is in motion!!