Wood Duck - Colored Pencils


This is my latest colored pencil drawing using polychrome pencils on Rembrandt mixed media pastel paper.

Thanks for taking a look!



Very well done. I love it. Keep up the good work.

I’ve always loved how colorful they are. Excellent detail in the feathers and subtle realistic lighting. Now to figure out why birds like standing on one foot so much. I know their “ankle” sort of locks in that position so sitting on a branch doesn’t require active balance control but I didn’t know waterfowl did that as well.

Beautiful! Also, this may be a random thing for me to notice, but it’s awesome how you faded out the log/tree on the sides, rather than going to the edge with it! :clap: :bird:


Thank you for your encouragement as always. I do enjoy using colored pencils they are what I started out with and are my go-to when I get stuck on what medium and project to work on next.


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Hello MustardSeedLife.

Thank you for noticing the log as you did. That was something new I tried, and I liked how it worked out. I have been trying to learn how to do a vinette (SP) with colored pencils but never like how the backgrounds turn out, so decide to go for that same affect and your noticing it helps me to see that it worked somewhat.


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Hello ThatOtherGuy,

I too find them a fascinating bird and was a little insecure starting out because of all the different textures, but that is what caught my eye with this image.

I do like drawing and painting birds, that is what I started out with when I first became disabled and need to find some way to keep engaged, before I was a doodler.

I too have always wondered why birds stand on one claw, leg, etc. Maybe, just guessing, they are in an alert posture incase that have to take off in a hurry!!

Thanks again for your comments on the detainls.


Dear Teri, just fell in love with this duck! So vivid, beautiful colors and letting it stand on the wood makes the composition perfect.
Best regsrds, Buddy

Thank you, Buddy,

I really enjoyed working on this project. I tried to apply everything I have learned about the light source, shadows, and complimentary colors. It took a long time but was worth it.

Again, thank you Buddy, see you at the new live lesson series this Wednesday.


Superb !
It makes me think of Arcimboldo, I’m not sure why.
Great work !


Thank you for your kind comment. I had to look up the style of painting and am thinking maybe due to the different types of texture, just a thought. Let me know if you think that is the case.

Again thank you,


Beautiful, Teri. I helped with the Christmas Bird Count locally. The first birds we saw for the day were two small groups of male and female wood ducks. The males are just surreal in all their beautiful plumage. Thank you for sharing!


Thank you, Brenda, I agree and surreal is a perfect description, I really think that wood ducks are in the beautiful bird category. I am glad you enjoyed the drawing.


Teri - love this! Those colors are fabulous and absolutely beautiful work

Thank you, June. I really appreciate your opinion since I have seen some of your artwork and you are an exceptional artist.


Wow - thanks Teri . That is quite the compliment because I also think your work is extraordinary!

Wow! My jaw dropped when I saw this one. It is so realistic and beautiful! May I ask if you used a photo reference? Congratulations on such an amazing job!

Hello Dana,

Thank you. Yes, I did use a photo reference though I have seen many different types of waterfowl growing up. It took me a long time but was worth it.

I wish I could get out and draw from life but at this moment, since diagnosed with Neurological Lyme Disease. In life I am housebound in a wheelchair and too much stimulus as well as other issues keep me inside.

The VI and forum, live lessons, etc are a wonderful way for me to feel connected.

Thank you again for your kind words,



So sorry you have Lyme. But what a great attitude you have! I have mild MS and drawing keeps my sanity on those days when it acts up.


Hello June,

i am sorry to hear you are dealing with MS.

I agree, drawing also helps me sort out the cognitive issues that rotate through my brain due to Lyme. MS has many similar symptoms, and I am on some MS medicines to keep symptoms calmer.

I could not really draw or anything else before Lyme. I was an A-type person so being stopped in my tracks I needed to find an outlet, it was painting, drawing, etc. and crocheting. All these are such calming avenues to help out.

I find I jump around from one medium to another so TVI is a perfect place for me with so many options. Also, I have made so many friends!!

Looking forward to seeing your pen and ink shoes!