Color pencil on black paper

First attempt at using color pencil on Strathmore Black Mixed Media paper.I found layering color was limited to 2 to 3 colors. Any recommendations on paper choice and pencils that would help with layering colors. The pencils used are a mix of Prismacolor scholar and Prismacolor verithin. The reference photo was from Pixabay user Tom Meurer. Here is the result.


That looks amazing! I like all three of the papers below. I’ve also used pastel mat paper which will hold seemingly endless layers of pencil. However, it really eats up the pencils, especially Prismacolor. My favorite pencils are Faber Castell polychromos colored pencils and Prismacolor Premier colored pencils. The polychromos are oil based rather than wax based.


Wow. This is fantastic. Been thinking of trying black paper myself. Really adds something to drawings especially with colour. Great job :heart_eyes:

Thank you Brenda for the kind comment and the information on the paper and pencils. I will have to to get the Stonehenge paper as that is the one that Matt recommended in his tutorial using colored polychromos pencils. Thank you again.

Thank you for the kind comment Dannomiss89. I really enjoyed drawing this piece. I have read through an art book by Amy Lindenberger CP Surfaces which gives advice and examples on using coloured pencils on black paper and watched and re watched Matts lessons on drawing 3 birds with coloured pencils and different paper. Give the paper a go…I think you will enjoy the results.

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I actually bought that exact pad to do one of Matt’s courses. Should dig it out :blush:

Beautiful drawing!

I personally enjoy working on Strathmore papers. And like Brenda my favorite colored pencils are Faber-Castell polychrome oil based pencils, I have been wanting to try Derwent colored pencils but that is a bit out of my price range.

There is a new er line of Strathmore paper I have been going to try, it is there 500 series, and all the papers are 100% cotton if you like Strathmore papers.

I have used black surfaces in many mediums. What really pops on a black surface is ink, colored inks that is. I have a post of some birds I did in ink here on the forum. They are done on Strathmore coal black cards. I’ll find the link and post it here.

Keep up the beautiful artwork.


Here is the link to the post of colored ink on Strathmore coal black Artagain cards.

Colored Ink Cards of Birds - The Artist’s Community by The Virtual Instructor

Thank you Terri for the kind comment. I also have wanted to try Derwent and the top Prismacolor pencil but find that they are out of my price range also. I do like Strathmore paper but have not tried the 500 series. I find that when I have tried watercolor paints it is very beneficial to use 100% cotton so I will keep an eye out for the Strathmore 500 series. I checked out your birds done with coloured ink on black paper…just beautiful, perfect detail.

This came out great. I really Adore it. It is wonderfully done.

Thank you Denise.
It was fun and relaxing to do. Just need more practice at getting more layers applied to the paper for better blending.