Colored pencil paper

I use Strathmore toned tan, I love this paper, it takes a lot of layers and I use a lot. I like Prismacolor pencils and I put enough layers that it feels like I can move the wax around. I love working on toned paper, but every once in a while, I would like a a really pristine white background. I thought before buying, I would ask if there is an equivalent white paper to the tanned tone paper or what type would come closest? I will appreciate any help with this.

Hi Lori,

Have you tried Stonehenge paper?

No I haven’, but I think I will. Thank you.

I just watched your last members minute. I do have a sheet of white pastelmat, I will try also. Thank you again!

Matt, can colored pencil be used on a stretched canvas? If so, where would you start?

Hi Lilnora,

I would suggest working on papers or perhaps gessoed panel with colored pencils. The canvas texture on a stretched canvas is likely too coarse for quality results.

What if I use gesso on the canvas? Or would it start to crack and fall off. I guess I need to decide if I want to paint it on the canvas or draw it on paper. Thinking about getting it enlarged and divided into 9 equal squares and paint it that way. Then I can trace it on the canvas. This picture will be for my granddaughter. Now to figure out how to add a picture I painted on the forum.