Bailey in colored pencil


This is great. I Love it.

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Looks great! I can’t even imagine how long that took. I’d have given up after the squirrel. I’m too impatient to try anything that size yet, definitely not until I’m more confident.

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Very nice! What did you use to draw on? Canvas, paper…? Love the presentation.

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Hi Dottie. I used 19 X 24 Strathmore Bristol. Very smooth

Thank you! I use Toned Strathmore paper and hadn’t really thought about Bristol. Just ordered some for my next project.

Good. I just love working on Bristol.

The Vellum finish bristol is very common for colored pencil. The smooth I haven’t heard too much about but cannot argue with the amazing results above!

There’s also a vellum card stock that a lot of people like for practicing colored pencils saying it has very good tooth and is quite affordable:

Here’s another link for a different brand of similar paper since the one above was sold out most of the time.

This is the one I tried and will warn you: It bleeds with ink into fuzzy lines so best to stick with colored pencil I guess.

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The Bristol I used wasn’t vellum. Thanks.