Leopard. Coloured pencils and Derwent Graphitint

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This looks amazing. I love the glistening of the eyes and the head looks so suave, like a gentle giant. I can see my cats in there somewhere :heart: How did the pencils perform? I don’t know them.

Hi Alan. This is really nice. Hope to see more of your art posted here.

Terri Robichon

Alan, what an amazing picture!
The cat looks so real, it make me want to reach out & squeeze the stuffing out of it.

This is great. I love it.

Hi, they are soluble graphite based pencils, you draw with the pencils and activate the marks with water, the colour becomes much more intense. Made by Derwent in the UK.

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Yeah, I look like a sleepy kitty, but don’t forget for a minute that I’m king of the jungle!