Snow Leopard in graphite

My art teacher at school always told us to be bold and draw positive lines - don’t tickle. Every time I started to draw something it never seemed to work out. I wanted to study botanical painting with water colours - but I had problems drawing!
Move on a few years (OK a few decades), lock down in Peru and me searching for an online art course. I joined in April and have taken all the graphite courses. This is now the result of Matt’s teachings - with help from Ashley of course!


This is wonderful! I love it.

Looks nice! There is hope for me. Thanks for sharing. :bouquet:

I love it. The expression on the cat’s face is almost saying: “Don’t you people know my kind is in danger of disappearing?” Thanks for sharing this nice portrait of one of my favourite wild cats (although I must admit all wild cats seem to be my favourite :wink:).

Hi Patricia,
Many thanks, I seem to be specializing in big cat portraits at the moment. I also think it was you who asked how to find me on Pixabay. user:mikeperu should find me

Many thanks Denise for your comment

Thank you, there is always hope!

Thanks Mike. I am now following you on Pixabay. I love what I saw.

“See you” in the chatbox!


This is excellent. So well done. What materials did you use? Just curious.

Many thanks,

I bought the paper many years ago so cannot remember what it is, other than it is white and probably 80lbs with a slight tooth. I used various makes of pencils ranging from H to 4B for the leopard and a blending stump. The background is a light shading of HB then rubbing over lightly with a piece of kitchen roll, then using 2B, 6B and 8B for the graduation.

Thanks, Mike, and, once again, well done.