Apple in colored pencils and graphite

Some time back I posted a graphite drawing of an apple. The challenge was to use only one pencil. Time for another challenge. I thought I’d try to do the same scene in colored pencils. Even though I’m very new to the medium, I was generally pleased with the result. What do you think?


Looks great! Did you limit the number of colored pencils at all? Seems realistic though I can’t pick out a primary light source.

The only other thing is white balance, your paper appears alsmost light blue (very cold) to me, could be my display or yours. In Irfanview or Photoshop there’s a white balance function where you eye dropper the brightest white in the scene (the paper in this case) and it tunes the image to have that as white to fix any display/camera white balance settings.

If I’m the only one seeing the paper as a blueish tint, then it’s probably just me but I have seen all the others with a neutral to slightly warm white on their paper today.

Here’s one I just ran through an online white balance corrector making it 10% warmer

Thanks for the feedback. I adjusted the photo and reloaded it.

Looks great and no more bluish paper. To me, there are two lighsources coming roughly from the same direction (a bit higher than the middle of the apples, left side). The apples look very yummy. In both drawings, I a
Would expect more middletones for a full range, though it’s always a challenge with yellows (always light) and both reds and greens, wich tent to be dark an are quite similar in their gray scales. I really like how the leaves are curving along with their shadows on the apples. Great!!!

Hello Tom, thank you so much for sharing your lovely apple drawings.
The drawing per se is excellent, very elegant and makes the viewers feel comfortable with the gentleness.
To me, though, maybe it is due to the photo reference you use, the apple seems a bit wizened.
I myself am pretty picky when selecting reference photos for my own drawings and in this case, I would have looked for a photo of an apple which looks fresher.
I once did an apple drawing with a ballpoint pen before, and maybe you can see from the reflections of the apple that it is a very fresh apple.

It is really up to what you want to express by drawing apples…I myself prefer shiny, freshly-looking apples because they appear to be more yummy, which makes me think I want to draw such apples, which choice makes me select a reference photo which meets my expectation.
If you want to make a wizened apple speak something about, e.g. maturing, then a reference photo of a less-shiny apple is the right choice.
Hope this is of any use for your future creative activities. :cat: :+1: :smiley:

I used three shades of green, three shades of red, cream, chartruese, neon yellow, white, dark brown (lightly used) and indigo blue with a couple of shades of gray for the cast shadow.

Very nicely one. Love it.