Step-by-step guide to drawing apple with ballpoint pen

This is how I drew the apples included in my recent artwork “camouflage failure”.
For those who are interested in ballpoint pen drawings :cat:

And this is the cover image of the manual I produced. I used the png file of the apple drawing and added shadow using photoshop.
Looks pretty stylish, doesn’t it? :wink:

【update 25 Jul】
Now a video with a funny song is available :cat:


I thought it interesting how you saved the white area spots so early on in the project. By he end of the drawing there is no evidence of how you accomplished this. Very impressed!

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Thanks for sharing when you break it down it looks much easier to draw.

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Thank you for your comment, it is indeed very easy, I mean, compared to a strawberry. Hopefully I can prepare a same kind of manual covering strawberry drawing.

Thank you for your comment, Jody, I take this approach because I don’t use a white pen at all. :wink: