Help with Colour Pencils

Hi, I couldn’t find anywhere else to post this - everyone seems to post their artwork here so I hope this is the right area.

I’m learning colour pencil drawing, using Prismacolor Premier pencils. I’m having problems with drawing white on top of colours. It just seems to blur and looks cloudy. A drawing I saw using the same medium has distinctive white over various colours. I’m trying to replicate the same look but am not having any success.

I’m also having problems using a colourless blender. It never seems to look blended. It just ends up looking unnatural and “blah”. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

There is a product called Zest-it colour blend which can be used with coloured pencils. This is available in the U.K. to purchase, I’m sure there must be similar elsewhere. Deb

Thanks Deb. I tried turps but it just didn’t seem to have the desired effect. Funnily enough, I was looking at a website from an English woman who does brilliant colour pencil drawings and she recommends Zest-it. I couldn’t get it anywhere in Australia, so I ordered it from Jacksons in the UK. Hopefully it will be here in the next couple of weeks.

I forgot to mention. When I was trying to find something similar to Zest-it, I contacted a large Australian art supplier, asking what I could use instead. They don’t stock anything similar and advised to use a brush!

Regarding white pencil over colour. I had a quick chat with my brother who uses Faber Castell polychromas. He suggested to leave white paper blank at the outset, or when picture near to finishing use Gouache titanium white for highlights in eyes, fur etc. using a fine brush. As this is water based if you make a mistake you can easily wipe off without too much problem.
Pictures to look for drawn by me. The Gentle Touch, Fizz, Diggory pastel and Diggory graphite, Prince of the Ayrabs, Sophie Springer spaniel plus some others.
I started using pastels back in 2015. Deb

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Thanks for the advice regarding the white over colour. I do leave blank white where possible but on some occasions where a bit of white is required after the fact, it just doesn’t work. I’ll try the Gouach titanium white tip. Thank your brother for me.

I’ve had a look at the artwork you’ve submitted on here. Absolutely stunning. You are so incredibly talented! Would you be interested in doing a commission drawing for me of my dog?

A really cute dog. He is great to be bringing a big stick to you. Our JRT/RT won’t bring anything like a stick to us but she will bring her toy with her and throw it up and catch it mid-air. She almost brought it to my Husband, then she grabbed it like she was taunting him.


You can also experiment with using Gamsol on a small paintbrush and test it on a colored pencil surface. It tends to make a smooth painting look and no so much “tooth” exposed on the paper.

He loves his sticks. He catches the sticks in the water. His record is catching three sticks. He can’t seem to hold any more than three in his mouth at one time. I’ve just finished training him to drop the sticks and sit before throwing him any more. My boy also likes throwing toys mid air and catching them. He does that when he wants to engage in play with his toys. What’s a JRT/RT?

Thanks jody. I was going to buy some Gamsol but after finding Zest-it in a UK store, bought that instead. I’m waiting for it to arrive, which hopefully will be next week. Gamsol seems to be fairly popular though, so it must do the job okay. As it’s not expensive, I think I’ll get some anyway. It will be interesting to see how it compares with Zest-it.

Cracker is a Jack Rat Terrier ‘mixed’ with a Rat Terrier. She looks like a long-legged JRT. Has that ‘sweet’ face of a JRT. She is definitely spoiled. She throws up her toys for the same reason. To get Louis to throw it or if he does not pay attention to her. We both have spoiled unmercifully.

How do you start a private message to someone? I don’t think I know how to do that. Thanks
Lenora Andre (

Sounds adorable. And what a great name! Love it!

To start a private message, you click on the person’s name on the top left, next to their photo. A box will come up. Then you select “message”. I didn’t know either until I worked it out yesterday.

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How do you find the names you want or do you type them from posts you see?

I don’t know much but I know a seriously handsome dog when I see one. This individual and I would have much to discuss, mostly about how my face should be licked and my legs should receive muddy paw prints and sticks should be taken no don’t take it yes take it no leave it alone THROW IT THROW IT and so forth.

First: Zest-it is great for colored pencils. I use it for oil-based FC Polychromos along with oil-based Derwent Lightfast.
Second: White over any other (especially darker) color is always a challenge. If you do not have enough tooth of the paper left, it is almost impossible i.m.O.
Third: You could try do put white as an underlayer and scratch it out later.

Best regards,

I’m not sure to be honest. I presume you would just find a post that the person you want to send a message to has written and click on their name. I don’t know how else you would find the names you want.

Yes, he is a handsome dog, I have to admit. He loves the water, licking, getting filthy dirty and especially sticks and balls - though only tennis balls. He has no desire to play with any other type of rubber or plastic balls. I think he likes the feel of the tennis ball in his mouth, as he moves it around whilst chewing it. Hahahaha.

Thanks for all the tips Buddy. The Zest-it arrived from the UK today. Am very excited to see how it blends.
What do you mean by “white as an underlayer and scratch it out later”?

Soooooooorry, Panda, I am so sorry, since I haven’t been in the forum for quite a time.

If this is still a question of yours: Sometimes, I use a wax-based white Pencil as a very first layer to prevent the hightlights I might need later. When I finish the drawing with oil-based pencils, usually they don’t mix easily with the white wax-based (don’t know why). After finishing the drawing, I use something to scratch with (old credit card, paper clip, knife …) to bring the white out again. Works well for me.

:slight_smile: Buddy

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