Weathered man on black paper with colored pencils

Thanks to great instruction and sharing of expertise on this site, I have really come a long way in the year I’ve been a member. I could not have done this before. This took me about an hour tonight because of what I’ve learned from Matt and Ashley. It was done on a 7x11 Canson 92lb black paper with a grey and a brown Staedtler colored pencil. I added a tiny bit of white charcoal too. Reference was found on Pixabay. So grateful I found this site!!!


The texture in the beard is amazing! Really nice work @Ken_H ! Wow, I can’t believe that only took you an hour! Jesus loves you!!!

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Thank you! I was really surprised how quickly things came together. Everything was just ‘right’ for me. I struggle starting and finishing projects because of distractions. Getting results like this will hopefully help me taking advantage of opportunities when they come up. Watching Gettin Sketchy has made me try to look for an hour straight to use. So grateful for what I’ve learned.

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That s great. Great job with his one.

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Thank you very much!

I love this. I agree with TheMustardSeedLife. That beard is particularly impressive. Great job!

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Same here, a lot of depth in there. Very nice! Keep it up!

Thank you! It really helps to motivate me more by hearing this feedback.

I will definitely keep working at it and hopefully venture into other media. I’ve enjoyed doing graphite mostly and found this to be fun too. Pastel work has been hard for me to do. Eventually I’d like to tackle painting. Thank you for the encouragement.