Back to Square One

After a long hiatus in painting and drawing, I needed to return to basics after an epic watercolor fail. LOL

I had forgotten how zen-like and soothing pencil work can be. Here is my first (an antler bud)…next domes a mushroom.

Hi Anita - welcome to the Community at The Virtual Instructor. I have found myself that if I get away from my art for even a month or two, some of my previously obtained skills start to reflect my lack of practice. And don’t worry about failures because that is part of the learning process and I throw away stuff more often than I’d like to admit. Thanks for posting your drawing - nice range of values, especially the mid-tones. Keep posting :slight_smile:

Terri Robichon

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Hello Anita,

I must say that Terri said it all. I completely agree with her. This is a safe place where we can show our success and failures. Just keep going forward and as Matt says - practice, practice, practice!

Something I still need to get a habit of on most days.

Welcome to the Virtual Instructor.


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Thanks…failures don’t bother me. I’m 86 and have had plenty hit the trash can…and some made the galleries. So onward we march.

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