Beached near Manatee Ave Bridge

Living on the west coast of Florida we are often subjected to high winds and tides. Sadly, looks like this old gal broke away from her anchor and was beached along Manatee Ave bridge going out to Anna Maria Island. It was too good a photo to ignore and this is the resulting oil painting on stretched canvas (8x10)


Beautiful, as always.

Thanks for sharing.


A wonderful painting with so much detail. I love the colour intensity and the composition.

I am constantly amazed at how so many can put so much detail in their paintings and drawings. I could definitely use some advice. Are you using these thin layers with oils? I think I put too much paint on the canvas (and me) to get this type of detail.

Lenora (“ArtistLttleNora”) - formally lilnora

“How many artists does it take to paint a painting?
One to actually do the painting;
the second one to tell them ‘when to stop’.”

This is beautiful. Love it.

Nice painting, love the contrasts and composition.

love it! It would go good in a bar near a lake or a marina where you rent or dock boats. I love the colors, it made me think at first how long before the tide comes in so we can get it out? how much damage is there, what a storm it must of been, just saying those were my thoughts.

Thanks for your comments. I didn’t see any damage on this boat and the beach management folks had it towed away within two weeks . . . right after I took the photo. It looked like the anchor rode broke and the boat drifted to the beach.

For the more detailed items I will use a medium to think the paint, but otherwise I use paints as they are disbursed from the tube.

I think after several tries to cover the canvas with an oil-based ground, I am just going to paint it with Titanium White and see how that does. I just need to buy a big tube. Lenora

Well this is a strong photo. I love that it fills the frame.