Florida Flamingos

Living in Florida gives me the opportunity to showcase a favorite topic. I am currently a featured artist at the Island Gallery West on Anna Maria Island and Flamingos are always a topic of great interest. These are my most recent additions to the gallery. Originals and giclees sell out quickly. Hope y’all like them (oil on stretched canvas)


Beautiful! Like I have said before - Flamingos are my favorite. Started collecting them when we lived on Flamingo Lane. At the last count, I think I have 71


Omg. I hope you collect small flamingos, especially at the count of 71. You make me smile!

All sizes and no one is a duplicate. I was sad that I did not buy one the last time we were in St. Augustine, FL. After hubby found a pot cover I did not want to ask if he had seen it. He thinks if I see something that I want it ‘now’. It was a lamp burning oil with a wick. Maybe it will still be there the next time we go. My tallest one is a sprinkler (or our garden). I had thought about just bringing it, since it has begun to fade.


These are Beautiful. Love them