Florida County Fair Results

Our Florida County Fair was held this week, and although I may have posted this painting before, I am proud to say that out of hundreds of artists competing I was awarded Best of Show for 2021. Colored Pencil is a medium I had never used prior to taking some of Matt’s courses. I am so pleased with the support of my community.


The Flamingo oil painting was awarded First Place Rosette for this medium

And not to be outdone, my fox was awarded First Place Rosette for colored pencil which would be the runner up to my Best of Show painting.

All of my submissions were awarded rosettes and captured the top winning awards for the show.


These are beautiful. Love them.

I am so happy you got that recognition (not that I am surprised…)

You rocked it! Congratulations. Thanks for sharing.


Your compliments are so generous. Thank you Patricia

Loved all of them; especially the ‘flamingo’ … I collect them and have over 70 on my porch. Our oldest granddaughter makes sure I get at least one at Christmastime. She gave me some flamingo slippers and they are the only thing I can wear to warm my feet up. Socks just make them wet feeling. If she finds another one, so long as it is small, she’ll give it to me at other times of the year. She is always on the outlook for them. I know you had to be ‘really’ proud to get all those ribbons. Congratulations.

You have the nicest words and I appreciate you sharing the wonderful relationship you have with your granddaughter. That is so special. I can’t thank you enough for your compliments


These are fabulous! I love all of them! Congratulations!

Your work is fabulous! I think everyone of them is deserving of a1st Place ribbon!! So happy for you and Congratulations!!!

Your work makes me want to give up on acrylics and go back to colored pencils. I can only imagine the amount of time it took for you to do these works. Congratulations! I am astounded by their beauty.