Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram

Here’s a combination I haven’t tried before: Colored pencil with Pen & Ink. Painted on 184 lb heavy acid free vellum surface Strathmore paper using Caren D’Arche pencil and Micron archival ink. Painting is 8"x10" and matted to 12"x14". I’m going to be entering it in the Manatee County Fair competition tomorrow along with four other submissions. Fingers crossed.


Wonderfully done. Love it

This is fabulous, way beyond my level. I have been using Prismacolor pencils. I have found that the white pencil is useless. I can try to use it on to of another color, and all it does is smear that color. So is it the Caren D’Arche pencils that make the difference? Maybe they’re not as waxy?

I use Fabre Castel, Prismacolor and Caren d’Arches with preferences depending on color. I agree white is not as useful as I would like so I use uncolored blender. I don’t like diluting color with white.
I had never worked at all in pencils prior to March/2020 when I took these initial tutorials and I now love this medium. Hope you continue to work with this and investigate the colored Pencil Society. They offer so much help. Best wishes, Jody

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I think what I take from this is that I need to take the lessons here on colored pencils. Then if I’m still confused and discombobulated, I will come back and say, “Help us, Jody Goldman, you’re our only hope!”

This is beautiful and I love the details especially in the horns! :+1:

Jody, this is beautiful. I love your work. Best of luck on the Manatee competition. I would vote for this!


Thank you all for such encouraging words

Matt does a great job introducing this medium. Try working along with him in the three bird examples he presents. That’s what got me started. He’s a good teacher.

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This is amazing, good luck x

Beautiful picture. I love the details of the horns, doing what looks like the pen and ink on the ram makes the horns stand out a lot more than if you had put any color on him.

I like this, it works really well.