Pen and ink peacock

I took this photo of the peacock at the zoo. Betty M


This is great. Love it.

Hi Denise Thank you for all your complements.Enjoy them. Betty

I Love your peacock. I collect them.

We have peacocks that roam Orange Ave here in Fort Pierce .Your husband probably knows where Fort Pierce, Florida is. This reference was taken at the zoo in West Palm. The peacocks roam the grounds with their tails spread open. Beautiful sight!Betty

Our babysitter’s family had a couple of peacocks. They make an awful noise when they ‘‘scream’’. They strutted around their yard and scared the B-Geez out of me the first time I heard them. Lenora (ArtistLittleNora) formerly ‘lilnora’


I really meant to say, I collect flamingos. My DDnL likes peacocks. I drew one for her when she first started dating my son. It is hard to believe that was about 6 years ago. I will get my granddaughter to take a picture of it and post it here.

I went to Michael’s today and bought some pastel pencils. Thanks to the help of the artist-student who works there. I have so many different mediums to work with now. Watercolors will be my next project to work on. Ordered some and now I have to stay off the Internet. I find a lot of things :sunglasses: I want to do.