Butterfly From Past Lesson

This is from a past lesson on VI and is done in colored pencil and ink. I had difficulty with the muted background.


i would be happy if i could get my background that good. ive been practicing scraping pastel sticks and blending on scrap paper . nice work with the colors here. tom

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Oh this is lovely! Thank you for sharing.

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I love it, Judy! You’ve gotten some wonderful bright colors. It really pops!

This is great. I love the colors. The background blends very well.

I really like this. I love the colors!

Thank you Lori51 for taking the time to look at my artwork. I appreciate your evaluation. Evaluation is important whether it is positive or negative. I welcome both.

Beautiful! I have done some butterflies too, they’re one of my fave subjects due to the colours etc. Great job!