Butterfly in mixed media

Inspired by the lessons in the mix media course, I’ve tried this butterfly in my sketchbook. I’ve outlined the drawing with ink pen, followed by watercolor as first layer, gouache and color pencil last. I think of skipping the color pencil step next time, it seemed too grainy in my painting.


Hi Nella - Welcome to the community here at The Virtual Instructor. So happy to see your butterfly. It is beautiful. Hope you keep posting so that we can see more of your work.

Terri Robichon

Thank you Terri for your support.

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This is great. Welcome

Hello Nella,

I think that your butterfly is beautiful. I like the graininess of the colored pencil in the last layer, helps with texture.

I too welcome you to the Virtual Instructor and hope to see more of your artwork.

Again, beautiful rendering of the butterfly. I hope in the future you will join the live lesson if you have not yet. Also a wonderful way to learn is the weekly critique that comes out on Mondays.

Again welcome,


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Butterflies are very important and meaningful for me. You’ve done a beautiful job with this one. Love it.


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Welcome @Gouache ! Such a beautiful butterfly, and the background is soft and nice too! Jesus loves you!!!

Thank you, butterflies are a delight to paint.


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