Coastal population of nesting birds

I am so fortunate to live in Florida, and to have a wildlife photographer for a neighbor. The Black Skimmers (oil), the Royal Terns (colored pencil) and the Lesser Terns (oil)are nesting on the west coast of Florida.
I have painted several different poses of each bird because they are so full of expression.
As always, comments and suggestions are most welcome.


I meant to tell you Jody, not that I don’t like ALL the pictures of these birds (I do! they are awesome…)

the colored pencil depiction is extraordinary! I love the features. So MUCH fine detail.

Thanks, I love the colored pencils. Appreciate your comments.

All three are very good. I really like the action in the first one. The second one well, they are just perfect and the third I can’t quite explain but I love everything about it. Well done.

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Great work and wonderful theme!

You really have a talent for painting birds. All are beautiful.

Thank you Laura. I’m so fortunate to have them right in my back yard.

I love what you have done with these birds. Very realistic.