Colored pencil hydrangea

This hydrangea took a LONG TIME! I finally think it’s done. It’s Prismacolor Premier pencils on Canson Mi Teintes white paper.

I struggled getting the leaves just right. I felt like the surface became too waxy for me to get the details as sharp as I wanted. The reflection on the top leaf isn’t to my liking, but I don’t think I can work it further.

As for my composition, I debated for a while as to whether or not to include the window molding in the right. I’d be interested in your feedback on that.


This is beautiful. The only thing I would suggest is to give a little more room on the sides so it is not so close to the edge. Things take time. That is all part of art and anything else we do.

Excellent work! Nice piece to work on.

Wow… looks fabulous. How long have you been drawing?

Thank you. I have been drawing about about 18 months. Since the pandemic, like many people, I’ve had a lot more time to dedicate to it and have seen rapid progress! I never tried color until this summer when I joined the VI.

yes I just started playing around with drawing since the middle of June… pandemic artist lol… I am not the greatest but it is fun

You are doing such a great job… very talented

Wow, love the hydrangea and the glass is wonderful.

I like the window casing but I would make the lines a little more definitive. Beautiful leaves

Thanks Jody! That’s helpful feedback on the window casing.

Thanks! I really enjoy drawing glass. It’s not so difficult if you just concentrate really closely on observing it.

I think your painting is lovely. The texture on the tabletop is nice and good use of the ‘tooth’ of your paper. Your vase looks soft and pretty and the flower is exquisite. I like your colors, also.

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I really liked that you chose to add the window molding. It keeps your interest in the hydrangea. I have always been told that the left part of the frame is what draws your entry into looking at the painting/drawing, then you will roll your eyes around the subject and the right either takes you out of the picture to ‘move along’ or takes your eyes back to the subject. You really made others notice the flower and want to look at it again, before going to the next picture. This also makes judges in an art show look more closely at the picture (or that is IMHO). I really liked your picture and the highlights on the glass vase.

As for working on the leaf, I would suggest submitting it to Matt with questions you have about it. If I am fairly satisfied with what I am doing except for something I think is noticeable about the picture I rarely try to touch it up because, if you are like me, I only make it worse. As soon as I am satisfied with what I am doing I sign it and never touch it again. I doubt that others will see any need to touch it up unless you pointed it out. I did not actually see anything wrong with it; I think it is excellent.