Sunflower-Hey Im trying lol


well its a good try.

this is charcoal, yes? I like the fine detail in the center. that looks like a tricky texture to copy.

and ALL those petals. quite the challenge

in fact, honestly, the amount of work on stuff like the petals is part of why I’ve not tried to draw a flower.

I really NEED to , though, and ESPACIALLY because its so challenging.

GJ and welcome to the forum.

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Keep going! You’re off to a great start.

Something that helped me a lot when I started out was realizing just how long a “finished” drawing takes—lots of hours. I used to get frustrated that my work didn’t look great within the first 30 minutes, but that’s just not how it works. Matt is really good at emphasizing the time it takes to produce a finished piece.

I say this because I think if you tried this sunflower one more time but went REALLY slowly and methodically, you could take it to the next level. I think this is an excellent sketch. Your shapes and proportions are solid, and you’ve mapped out the basic values.


Thank you Becky … Yes I need to find patience for sure lol… And yes I am going to try this drawing again to see the outcome . I am very proud of this sketch, it is one of my better ones. I am very new to this drawing thang lol

No it was done with pencils. Yes , you should try drawing a flower , it was a lot of fun. I really just started drawing a month ago, so I watch a lot of you tube videos and google ALOT lol… it is definitely fun and relaxing . Thank you for the feedback

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Looks great.

Good proportions. What helped my still drawing of trees, plant fruit etc (and i am still very green) was including the back ground or a shade behind the actual image i was drawing. This helped the object stand out more and i also had a different shade to work with.

Keep drawing and posting

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I think you did a good job. I love it.

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That is a great idea to have a background. Thank you for your reply

I wanted to say something more specific about it

I said that I thought it looked like it was done in charcoal. this is because of the big bold lines that happen throughout the drawing. I’m not exactly sure you INTENDED to do that. but one concept, one thing that helps in drawing and art is to realize that sometimes what we don’t intend actually Helps the drawing. a “happy accident” as they say.

regarding those lines; I think some of them are a little too strong and there is room for improvement by making light thin marks, for example in the center of the leaves… but the big bold lines work Really well in other places. for example, the way you show the leaves curl and make a shadow. .

this is a strength in your drawing; a technique that you do well.

so anyways, your doing better than trying! your succeeding and discovering talent you didn’t know you had. Keep drawing!

PS, if you don’t mind me asking , what specifically are you using to draw. do you have a full artist set of pencils from H to B? when I was less experienced the diversity of pencils confused me; it felt complicated to draw some things with one pencil and other parts of the drawing with another.
I’ve since learned a lot about it!

those lighter harder grades of pencils are the tools needed to make those lighter lines… so your awesome bold lines really shine.

yes I had bought a pencil set from H to 8B. The pencils definitely confuse me for sure lol and shadowing confuses me as well, but I am trying to understand the concept haha… I did order some other graphite pencils to work with and some charcoal.
Thank you so much for the feedback… It is very much appreciated . I never in a million years would think I would say that I joined a drawing site much less share things that I have drawn.

Good looking sunflower. The flower pedals are perfect.

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Sunflowers are somewhat challenging to begin with. Your work show great patience and thought.


Great job! I am so glad that you were willing to share your art with us. That can be so intimidating!

I enjoy using graphite. One technique I like to use for shadows is to use a blending stump and “pull” the graphite out from the darkest part of the shadow out to the lightest part. Some artists prefer to use a cotton swap (ie Q-tip) or a facial tissue (ie Kleenex) to do their blending. The idea is to make a gradual transition from the dark areas to the light areas.

Keep up the great work!

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thank you … I really do enjoy drawing… I have always wanted to draw but I let fear get into the way lol…