Colored Pencil Ice Cream Cone

I like to try and send my mom (98 and going strong) some quick art each week. I had fun doing this one and thought it turned out well. Thoughts?

Bristol smooth surface, 100 lb, 4"x 6", tombow markers, a mix of prismacolor and caran d’ache colored pencils.


This is great. I am sure she will love it as I do.

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@junenez , wow! That’s an adorable ice cream cone :icecream: The texture is phenomenal, and I think it’s cool that you used multiple mediums! Nice job! Jesus loves you!!!

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I love your fun choice of subject and the texture you have achieved on the cone is very realistic. I feel that it would be enhanced more by the use of more values and tones of light v dark as it’s difficult to see where the light source is coming from :blush:

I have to agree with the others, the texture and detail is really nice. Great use of mixed medium. Really impressive.

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yes - I agree. i did this from a photo and it was quite difficult to determine the light source!

What a wonderful and thoughtful thing to do for your mom. She will love this. Really well done!