Diggory Dog yellow labrador

This is a graphite pencil drawing of Diggory a yellow Labrador. It’s nearly finished, some tweaking still required but I would welcome any constructive comments. The photo I’m drawing from was taken in bright but dappled light.20190821_171600 The completed drawing of Diggory.


Hi Debra. I am in love with this. I believe there is very little tweaking left to do to this beautiful drawing. For me, the only thing I would consider would be to add a background that would allow the dog to “pop”. I feel he is already quite well executed. The fur is amazing and the eyes are truly remarkable. I had a Labrador retriever when I was a kid and this one reminds me of him (although he was a black one). Great job! Thanks for sharing.

I think you have done an awesome job… I can’t see anything other then what has already been suggested

Thank You for replying with your comment. I get what you’re saying about darkening the background. I will have to ask my friend whether she would like it darkened up. Deb

Thank You for your reply. Deb

Hi Deb, Estelle here from cairns,
I also love this drawing. My daughter has a dog just like this. The fur is very well done.
Well done.

Thank You for your comment Estelle. Deb

Maybe Strengthen the eyes a little more. and some more dark values. I think it is coming along great.

Beautiful and subtle line, I love it :slight_smile:

Thank you for replying regarding darker values. I have already touched it up to to darken some of the areas.

Thank you Argel for your comment. Deb

Wow! This looks so realistic. Looking forward to the finished drawing.

Very nice painting. The fur texture is really excellent.

This is stunningly beautiful. The fur texture is perfect. The eyes are alive. I do agree that it would do good to darken the darks. It is a lovely work of art. :blush:

Thank you for your comment. Deb

Thank you Ginny, Diggorys picture was well received by the owner.

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This is really beautiful. I love your fir texture! The eye expression is nicely done.

Thank you Lori for your comment. Deb

Wonderfully done. You have a very nice pet.

Thank you Judy, Diggory belongs to a friend of mine. He’s a chilled out labrador untill he picks up a deer scent and then he’s off.