Mikey, Chocolate Labrador portrait

Mikey chocolate labrador, drawn with a selection of pastel pencils onto light grey pastel mat. Mikey passed away earlier this year aged 14. I would occasionally meet him on our local dog walking field and he’d make a bee line for my chocolate lab bitch. She would tease him something rotten and as Mikey was quite a bit older he couldn’t keep up

with her and would soon be puffed out.


This is fabulous. I love it.

Thankyou Denise, Deb

Debra, I can scarcely believe that this is not a photograph. I just want to reach and pet him on the head. What a beautiful tribute to a gorgeous and, no doubt, friendly animal. Thanks for sharing.


Thankyou so much. He was a super chap, you couldn’t help but like him and so friendly.

How beautiful. He looked like a very happy dog. Great job!

Thankyou Lori, much appreciated. Deb

Really great, love it! I’m still practising but hope to draw my own black labrador some day.

Thankyou, I just love labradors especially the chocolate ones.

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Waw, this is a stunning painting. The skin texture is life like :ok_hand:

First class work with thoughtful colour work and blending.

Thankyou Janet for your lovely comment.