Mikey, Chocolate Labrador portrait

Mikey chocolate labrador, drawn with a selection of pastel pencils onto light grey pastel mat. Mikey passed away earlier this year aged 14. I would occasionally meet him on our local dog walking field and he’d make a bee line for my chocolate lab bitch. She would tease him something rotten and as Mikey was quite a bit older he couldn’t keep up

with her and would soon be puffed out.


This is fabulous. I love it.

Thankyou Denise, Deb

Debra, I can scarcely believe that this is not a photograph. I just want to reach and pet him on the head. What a beautiful tribute to a gorgeous and, no doubt, friendly animal. Thanks for sharing.


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Thankyou so much. He was a super chap, you couldn’t help but like him and so friendly.

How beautiful. He looked like a very happy dog. Great job!

Thankyou Lori, much appreciated. Deb

Really great, love it! I’m still practising but hope to draw my own black labrador some day.

Thankyou, I just love labradors especially the chocolate ones.

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Waw, this is a stunning painting. The skin texture is life like :ok_hand:

First class work with thoughtful colour work and blending.

Thankyou Janet for your lovely comment.

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Wow great picture and great story…sorry he’s gone but sounds like a real great dog! Do you have your female Labrador still?

Hi Therese, Thankyou for your lovely comment. Yes, I still have my choccie drop. She had a bad accident last Oct '21 with a ball on a rope. We threw the ball and think as she went to grab it she stood on the other end of the rope and grabbed the ball end which brought her to a dead stop. She screamed out in pain and couldn’t use her back legs. Off to vets who wanted to do all kinds of expensive mri’s etc. Possible pinched/slipped disc, so anti inflamatories and pain killers for 3 weeks. Well 6 months down the road she is running around almost normal. I think she will always be a bit short in her movement but, is happy to carry on as normal, so that’s fine with me. Deb

Glad she is okay! Hope to get time to put some more art on here again too!
Good luck to you and your art as well,

This is truly remarkable. The whole face and especially the eyes are like a photograph. You really captured personality in this. Very inspiring!

Thankyou Ken, much appreciated. Deb