Lola, black labrador

Lola, a black six month old labrador. I was asked to draw Lola for the ladies husband for Christmas 2019 or for his birthday 20th Jan 2020. He had it for Christmas, I managed to get it a completed a week before.


I love dogs…

This is great. I love this.

What a awesome present! Great job!

Thank you for your comments. Deb

You have achieved the lifelike texture of the dog fur. Those sparkling eyes are very attractive. :+1: :ok_hand: :slightly_smiling_face:

Beautiful. I painted a dog for one of our neighbors after she passed away. They wanted something to remember her by. First portrait of a dog, but I learned a lot. It was my 2nd commission painting. I would take it over and let them see it and they would tell me which way they wanted me to go. Painting a white dog is a challenge. My granddaughter wants me to do a painting of her chocolate lab. I am about to finish a picture of my youngest son and his wife ‘kissing in silhouette’ in a sunrise. I learned a lot about painting a sunrise from something that Matt was doing.

Thankyou for your comment. I have a chocolate lab aged 7 years old, she’s still just as nutty as when she was a pup. Deb

Taylor’s chocolate lab is about 4 yrs old and a small one. She is so crazy and sticks her tongue out at people. Such a ‘sweet’ face. She looks forward to when her ‘human’ Mama is home from PT school. She will be glad when her ‘human’ Mama comes home this weekend to vote. Her “Human” Mama looks forward to be able to spoil her. She has to ‘break’ her bad habits she gets from staying with her paternal grandparents during the week. They let her get away with anything. She’ll get to see her this weekend and again for Thanksgiving week . We love her, too. She loves her ‘grandparents’ just as much. Can’t wait for her to visit. I do not know which medium to use, but probably oils. I need to get the picture of her enlarged so I can use transfer paper to get her the right colors in the right place. Her Mama wants something she can put over her bed to remember her by. I hope I can capture that essence of her sweet face. I want to paint her face. I’ve only painted one dog, so I will have to paint a little of before Thanksgiving.

Other granddaughter wants a seascape done. So I will use the one that Matt did not too long ago. Guess I will be working on two at the same time.

That’s going to keep you very busy. Good luck. Deb

This is really great. I have a 10 year old and a 10 month old yellow labs and am constantly looking at how expressive their faces are. You’ve really captured it!

Thankyou Teresa, I’m biased towards chocolate labs as they’re my favourite. Deb