Mia pastel drawing

This is a pastel drawing I’ve done of a black lab for a surprise Christmas present for the customers older sister. The photo it was taken from was in very bright sunlight which made the dog look grey. I think I’ve done her justice. Deb


yes, you certainly have. It is beautiful.

Very beautiful Surprise. That is for sure!

This almost brought tears to my eyes. This dog looks just like the dog we had when I was a kid. Thanks for sharing this beautiful portrait.

Thank you for your lovely comments. Deb

It’s lovely. Great job!

Great job! Looks like you have captured the moment he has spotted a rabbit or another dog entering its territory! :grinning:

WOW! What a nice surprise! Very nice!

You definitely did her justice. She’s beautiful, and the background really shows her off!

Thank you for your lovely comments. Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year 2020.