Dog in oil pastels

I’ve take a couple of Matt’s courses in the pastels for animals. I definitely need some pastel pencils to get more detail in certain areas. But please let me know what else I can fix, improve, change. Thanks


Here is the original pic

I think to show more of the dog would be something to consider.
Also The brown around the eyes I think could be blended in more and some more highlights in the eyes. The rest is done well.

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Sweet dog, difficult picture. No highlights in the eyes, maybe you can try and add those. The nose has lights, your contrast looks good. And the fine hairs. I hope you will continue, Albertine

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I forgot: you mention oil pastels and you would like more pastel pencils. It looks like you are talking about two materials that do not go well together. Soft pastels with pencils. Maybe you meant soft pastels?, s6, Albertine

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Thank you I’ll Do that

Didn’t realize that the pencils were a different medium compared to the oil pastels and wouldn’t work. I’ll stick with oil pastels for now Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:
She is a sweet dog. She’s a Jack Russell so she only knows being at energy levels of 10 or sleep

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Cute dog. Looks like a ‘sweetie’. The last dog we had was a JRT. Now we have a JackRat who’s a ‘rescue’. Long legs like a Rat and the face of a Jack. You are definitely going in the right direction. I think you need to add some tan or light brown and show the color down her face (between the eyes). I think the white above her eye needs to be more prominent (like eyebrows sticking out). It is basically a ‘cast’ highlight since the light is hitting it from the same angle as the highlights of her head. That is the highlight for that eye. I don’t think there would be a highlight on the eyeball. I think when you look at the photograph you will see what we are trying to convey to you. I think the dark brown over the very dark (blackish) of the eye will show it is in the shadows and sitting down into the eye socket. I would definitely add more of the body to your drawing. You are doing really good. We’re always willing to give our comments and hopefully, they will help. My son, who lives next door, is my 'critic and tries not to be too brutal. Hope we’ve helped you. I know that you can take what we have all suggested and make the changes. It’s looking good.