Drawing of a rocky cliff

this is my newest drawing. the lower left bush is wonky and wrong. I had a minor Ah-ha! moment this morning and darkened up the leaves and I think it improved it!

whats ironic about that is that the reference photo clearly shows that the bush had lighter leaves

so there’s complexity and an Opportunity (in the future to do this better). but I’m sharing the drawing cause I think it shows improvement from earlier images and is one of the first with a reasonably close resemblance.

it would be very, very nice in the future, to make drawings Accurate enough so that a person who has been to that place, says
“oh! hey I know where thats at? thats x in Northwest pennsylvania!”

maybe thats a goal? idk.

one thing I know. I’ve got a LOT to learn.


You learn from trials and tribulations. I think the tree on the left needs to be a little darker in the leaves, so it pops better. But other then that it is a very good drawing.

This is so beautifully drawn :clap:t2:

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Maybe darken the cliff as well as the tree leaves on the left. Darkening the cliff would greatly enhance the inclusion of the little tree on the right which is just as important as the larger trees.

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Darkening the cliff and leaving the leaves on the right tree light will make the leaves on it pop. Other than that it is a beautiful subject. I did not see the first one, but this can be a start to another beautiful subject.