Entering World of Color Pencils

Just received a gift from my wife, a set of Prismacolor Premier color pencils. Opened up the sketch book and started a small sketch to get the feel of them.


That’s an awesome first choice to draw with a new set of pencils! LOLLIPOP! :lollipop: Talking about the base, the spirals are placed nicely, then the color gives it a nice POP! Can’t wait to see what else you’ll draw with them! :smile: :art: :pencil2:

That is so cool of your wife doing that and that it gave you the inspiration to try it out. Very well done. Love it.

Thank you. There will be more.

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@Denise Ive been doing some graphite sketches, and lots of digital drawings. Ive been trying different metods digitally with color, but can’t get the same feel as using the real thing. My wife did suggest that I just go for it and bought these pencils for my birthday. She is the best. I can do some very realistic art work digitally, but if I try to simiulate real drawing techniques instead of just filling spaces with color, it is quite a different result. In that respect is was a lot of fun using the color pencils. Looking forward to doing more. This lollipop was mainly a quick exercise to get the feel of them.

That lollipop made me smile and brought back memories!

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Oh nothing like new art supplies!! Cant wait to see more!!! :blush:


Nicely done! I agree with you. Digital work can be amazing, but for me there is nothing like to tactile feel of art supply, whether pencils, paint or pastels or any other medium. There is something very satisfying in using the medium to develop your vision.

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I totally agree. It is not the same feel. I enjoy digital art, because I can sit in front of the TV and doodle. I have come to the conclusion that digital art is to be treated as what it is, another form of medium in whick to create art. I am resolved to treat it as such and not as a simulated nedium.

I tried a couple of digital art pieces in a pen and ink style. I find myself falling into more shading techniques and harder to keep the marks consistent like i could with a pen.

I did the attached rose in pen and ink technique on Autodesk Sketchbook and was done from imagination.

The falcon was done while watching a Getting Sketchy episode (actually listening and drawing more than watching), but did it in about 35 minutes. I started when Matt began shading. So this is a sketch.

Sorry, kinda changed my own topic here.