Figure drawing course

Hi my name is Tammy I was wondering if the Virtual Instructor would consider a figure drawing course and possible an anatomy course sometime in the future.
Matt is a very good teacher.


i Would like to see that ,maybe as a “live Lesson” too.

That would be great!

Maybe a portrait!!

But, thinkin’ is wishful thinking…

any news on this figure drawing course idea ? I’ve been struggling for weeks now with no notable improvements in my drawings i even bought new drawing figures yesterday from body-kun i thinks these will help for pose references but will having a class, a course or a tutor help me much better? any thoughts?

There is a website that might help you it isn’t to expensive the site is called The New Master Academy I don’t think this site here teaches much on the subject of figure drawing. There re a lot of books on the subject that can help you as well . Check books stores on line and in any Art store like Michael.s or what you might have in your area.