Starting a cartoon drawing course

Hello Matt and fellow artists!
I think that a cartoon course woulspd be a super fun and interesting series if lessons and would love to soon see that introduced. I would love to hear other peoples opinions and disscussion on this. Thank you!

I would check it out but its not where my interest really is. I think there would be tips that may help in other areas.

Thank you for replying.:slightly_smiling_face: What are youre main intrests? Do you have a particular style you particularly stick to?

My main interest are graphite and drawing animals and landscapes. I am fairly new in my drawing adventure and graphite is what really captured me. I recently started drawing in pen. I think all types of drawing lend itself to some interesting information you may be able to use across any media. I once took a figure drawing and it helped me learn how to draw things in proportion.

@ThomasPtasz , hey.:slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you for sharing your "grapite story":yum: That is a very dignified style. I’ m afraid my personal style is a little less classy. I like semi- realistic and cartoony because it comes easier naturally for me. I’m gonna have to put in a lot more practice to get good at realistic art. I’m looking forward to learning!