First in a series starting with graphite

I want to learn to do more in art next year. This year I began learning to draw. I’ve focused on graphite and dabbled in pen and ink. To challenge myself to keep learning I began what I hope will become a series of drawings. This is the first—graphite. I used Blackwing pencils. I may do a pen and ink drawing next. Next year I’ll learn to use colored pencils and draw it again. At some point I’ll try watercolor and paint it so that I’ll have a series of the same picture in different media. Should be fun to see how it develops.


This is great for your first time drawing. It is good to learn to use other mediums.

Nice work DrTom B. You have an excellent representation of the tonal variation on your apple. Can’t wait to see the series come alive.

Thanks. Neither can I.

Thanks, Denise. We all need encouragement. I appreciate it.