Expand styles with cartoons!

Hey Matt and fellow artists! Ive tried this once before and didnt get much feedback… We’ll see how this goes.:grin:
I personally would love to see a cartoon/ animation course on this website. I know its not for everyone but i think it would be such a fun and different serries.

Would love to hear your thoughts!!!

Thank you,


I think that would be fun, and definitely cater to different styles! I think that cartoon could be do-able, animation is an entirely different concept that builds on TOP of cartoons in general, so I think that if there were a cartoon course just to test it out, that would be cool! :smile:

That is a great idea. I am sure Matt will go for it.

Thank you both for your input!:blush:
I hope he does take up my suggestion! That would be so fun and helpful!

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Ohh, I would love a cartooning course!

Would love to see a Live Lesson on cartooning as well! Great idea. Having not used my cartooning pens yet, that would be so much fun!

@connie56 + @Pjsart
Thank you for you input and enthusiasim!!! Maybe we can convince Matt (@thevirtualinstructor ) to do that for us!:wink: I think it would be great!