Florence Nightingale in charcoal

I found this nifty photo and decided to work on it while waiting for the hurricane to come. She kept me occupied all day long.


Very pretty! I love the contrast, and how the white lace-like areas stand out! :clap: :grin:

Great work. Very well done.

This is really nice. Love the nose and mouth. Lace is really nice too!
Hopefully the hurricane didn’t hit you hard.

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Very nice! Charcoal is one of my favorite mediums. The lace is awesome!

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Thank you, Lori. We did not get hit too hard. Especially after seeing how others were affected.

Thank you, PJ. :slight_smile: I like charcoal, too.

This is a beautiful portrait! You have not only captured the person, but the style of the drawing fits the time period so we’ll. Love this. Thanks for sharing it.

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Thank you, I appreciate it.