Tinted charcoal kitten on black paper

After a discussion on getting Sketchy I pulled out some tinted charcoal pencils I have not used in years to do a drawing. 'This was just critiqued on the Members Minute.

I hope you enjoy this and any suggestions are welcome. Thank you for taking a look.


This is great. Congratulations on having it critiqued on the Members Minute

Denise, thank you, yes, I was surprised but pleased as always with Matt’s insightful suggestions

Only one suggestion: Please, keep drawing - it’s beautiful!



Thank you so much for your encouragement!


So pretty and realistic work. Love the texture you achieve. It’s beautiful :ok_hand:

Loved your drawing and listening to the critique. I have some tinted charcoal but haven’t tried yet. Your kitten has inspired me to try!

Thank you so much for your kind comment.


Thank you. I also really appreciate all of Matt’s critiques and have learned so much from them. I had put the tinted charcoal aside for years and never used them. I decided to when there was a chat conversation on Getting Sketchy.

I found out that I really like what they added and now just to apply Matt’s recommendations to make bring it to hopefully a better representation.

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