Framing options

I have been thinking about how to frame my recent tree drawings using the online “framing simulator” provided by some venerable framing companies in Japan.
They are also so generous that they have given me permission to use the simulation images freely.
Here are some images of my tree drawings with frames & framing mats that I selected.





As to #5, I really cannot decide which mat colour to choose.
I am very much interested in others’ opinions-which one would you choose??? :cat: :thinking:


I think that for #5 the green one conveys more life, where as the second conveys more monotonous solitude? I say green, but it also depends on what you’re trying to convey. I also think with some of the others, like #1, the lighter frame makes it more open(similar to how lighter colors make a room feel larger), and also feel more friendly and bright. Hope that helps? :smile: Very beautiful drawings by the way @Maki ! :clap: :framed_picture: :deciduous_tree:

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Hello TheMustardSeedLife, I cannot thank you enough for your insightful comment. That’s so true…it really depends on what I want to convey. Then the latter monotonous grey mat is the right choice for #5, because the title of this piece is “pas de deux in the wilderness”. There are two trees with no leaves at all, then why should I choose the green framing mat which conjures an image of life? As to #1, I think the lighter combination is better then. Thank you again, now I am confident with my framing choice! :smiley: :tada: :cat:

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@Maki Glad I could help! :smile: :deciduous_tree: :framed_picture:

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If you are going to sell your work, it is probably not worth putting a lot of money into framing. Just make your artwork look as good as it can for a reasonable price. If gallery takes them, they may have standards for framing and you will have to reframe them. On the other hand, your pieces would look good in twigs. They are really gorgeous.

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Hello Jane, thank you so much for your kind advice! :smiley: :cat: :+1:

On second thought, it depends on whether you ae framing these for your own walls. In which case, do what you think best. If I were framing for my walls or a local show, I would probably frame them in pure white, double mat and a very plain frame. Your artwork is so complex and beautiful that it does not need anything else in the way of decoration. I would want to hang then where I could study them and lose myself in them.

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The art it’s absolutely beautiful, so are the frames, however, the frames with green and dark blue mats seem more aesthetic and really display your art, where the lighter mats seem to “fade” into the art, for lack of a better word.
I hope this helps.

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Never mind! I just realized that your post is from February. LOL

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Thank you Sonia, for your very insightful feedback on the framing options. After doing a lot of digital simulations using different options, I’ve selected this combination for this piece:

Hope you like this frame & mat! :smiley: :tada: :cat:

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Hi Maki -
How perfect to be able to see the end result before spending the money on the framing. But however you frame your creations, your artwork will always be the star of the show.

Terri Robichon

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I can’t even! Soooo beautiful :heart_eyes:

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@robichon @Meme5
Thank you so much for your kind words! The framing company has a photo sharing site within their homepage where the users of their frames can post the framed artworks. I’ve been posting many photos here and just look at this!

I explained the concept of this frame & mat choice and then the shop gave me their feedback on it. I felt so honored that the framing professional has appreciated the way I framed this work. They also give the photo-sharing customers 300 points per photo, up to 600 points per month, which can be used to buy their frames next time. So I make it a rule to post 2 photos every month! I really admire their clever way of doing business. :smiley: :tada: :cat: