Live lesson that finished a couple of weeks ago

I am new and this is my first post. I really like the oil pastels especially the Sennelier- I am wondering if you can spray this before you frame it ?


Welcome! You did an excellent job on this one! Best protection is behind glass, so get it framed (quality is worth a frame in my opinion).

You’ll want to double thickness the mat, if you do it yourself or take it to a frame shop, make sure you request it be double matted so a bump on the glass doesn’t make contact with the artwork.

If you don’t want to frame it,a Very Distant second would a whole bunch of Sprayable Fixatif, but that only prevents light smears, the oil pastel are permanently “wet” underneath so any pressure will mush them around. So, best option by far is glass. Especially with how well you did.

Lastly, you can store in a large flat drawer, which is what Matt does with his works. I personally can’t afford an art drawer set/system with spaced divides between each one to keep any dust/air dirt off of them and prevent damage to them.

Beautiful job! I would frame this for sure.

Thank you - I will get it framed.