Pastel Trees From current Live Lesson - tips please!

Is anyone else doing the current pastel live lesson? I am stuck - my trees on the right look different from the left. I have never worked with pastels before!!! I did the trees on the left along with Matt and we had homework for most of the trees on the right. Any suggestions would be most appreciated! Thanks in advance

It has been a while since you posted this but by way of reply in Feb 2022, I tried to do this lesson also using soft pastels, pastel pencils and a lot of time after reversing the image because I’m left-handed and wanted to see it from another view. I will try to upload the image. There is nothing wrong with yours unless you were locked in on trying to replicate Matt’s image. Yours has a nice and different vibe!

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thanks. I just saw this today! I appreciate your comments. I love the colors in your path.