Gettin Sketchy - in styleof Rene Magritte 10/11

Another fun one and the art lesson was very interesting and informative!
My apple doesn’t look like Matt’s but still pretty happy with it.


Well done, June! Mine is a mess! But I really enjoyed letting my mind wander around and just pulling colors and making marks. When I went and retrieved it to post, it looked great as a thumbnail! LOL It’s wonky!



I don’t think that your apple is a mess at all! I believe that by trying to do these gettin sketchy sessions live will improve our drawing skills and help us be looser with our drawings. Remember they are a sketch! Not a finished piece of art


Thanks, June. It’s one of the first times I finished by the time Matt and Ashley finished theirs.


Very cool. I love it.

June and Brenda, I think those are both great renditions. 45 minute sketches only allow you to do so much. And I totally agree with June’s reply regarding they are only sketches and will only help us to get better and not get lost in details forever which is a problem I have. :wink:

Here’s mine.

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You have all done really well. I have missed the live session (holiday without internet access) but ready to give it a go tomorrow. Fingers crossed. First time using alcohol markers. Can’t be messier than oil pastels…right?

Everyone, these are not apples, they are drawings of an apple!! Great job!


Had to improvise a bit due to lack of certain supplies, paper in particular

. But I am positive that Snow White would never recover after a bite, screaming her famous last words: “This is not an apple!”

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Good job @janar75!!! Love the commentary.


Completed Getting Sketchy in the style of Magritte drawing along! So fun :grin:
I used Ohuhu markers, I have the prismacolor 12 piece set only. I must say Ohuhu are really nice too!

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All of you did a great job with this one. Thanks for sharing.

Terri Robichon

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Looks just like a Granny Smith apple and good enough to take a bite out of it, or dip in melted Caramels. Great job!!

Lenora Andre

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