Gorilla The secrets... course

I’m working through the Secrets to drawing course and did some work on the gorilla lessen. I really don’t like gorillas at all, so I decided to only do a part of it. It’s not that great but I tell myself, do not compare your art to that of others. (especially not to the instructor :wink:) I can tell I’m making progress. It was fun not following a step by step instruction and really working from reference.


Love your slice of gorilla. the shading is very well done. I had to laugh because I have never done the skulls that seem to show up in several of the courses. So I understand you not wanting to do something you don’t like.

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Thank you for your encouragement Jumenez. Glad to know I’m not the only student who’s stubborn about what to invest time in.

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You did a great job, and it is correct that we do not compare our work to the teacher or to each other. We are all unique individuals, and our artwork will always be uniquely ours.

Also we are all working at different levels which I find inspiring when I see other people’s artwork.

I look forward to seeing more of your artwork in the future.



It took me a really long time to finally do the skull. I realized that it was to help us be able to do portraits. But for the most part I skip the skull in most of the courses.



Thank you very much Teri.

This looks great, and the fact that you did the gorilla only partially is both amazing and interesting! :smile:

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