Sketchy Gorilla

Last night I set myself the challenge of ‘getting sketchy’ by drawing the gorilla in less than 30 minutes. It took me ages to get the face right, so the poor thing ended up with really sketch arms!

I really learned a lot from this exercise - not least of all to use a sharp pencil! - and, although not my best effort so far, I’m kinda pleased with the way it worked out. At least you can tell it’s a gorilla without having to be told…

It almost took me by surprise that, even on cheap paper, and using the slightly blunted pencil, i could achieve fine lines, and good value range just by being careful with the application of the pencil.

I used a (blunt) white koh-i-noor charcoal pencil on Frisk black paper.


This is a great sketch!

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Thanks Lori! It was a lot of fun to do.

I think this is wonderful. Great!

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