Gorilla from secrets of drawing course

I am a complete beginner in art. I signed up for the virtual instructor last week and I went through the first few lessons. So, I tried to draw the gorilla from the lesson using the knowledge from the previous lessons. I am pretty amazed how much one can learn from those lessons. I know my gorilla is not great, I know nothing about fur or wrinkles, but Iam pretty happy with my first drawing with graphite. Cant wait for what is coming ahead.


Hi Lilian! Welcome aboard. Are you kidding?? You show great potential and you certainly should be happy with the result. You did a great job for someone who is so new at art. I love your gorilla and I have no doubt you will share many more drawings showcasing your progress. Thank you for sharing.

Patricia. :clap:

Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. It means a lot to me. Iam very excited with the prospect of being able to create even better drawings.

So good! I really like it. Thanks for sharing it.

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This is a “good” drawing for someone who is a beginner in art. I myself, have just recently picked up drawing again from childhood only to take this seriously intending to sell art to pay for my way on some things for the side. You did a great job, well on your way. Only suggestion is to use a darker 4b pencil in some darker areas maybe like a Derwent 4b, it will give the piece slightly more contrast and depth. Keep going…

Thank you Neophos for the kind words and thanks for the tip. I did try to go darker, but my poor quality paper didnt allow me to go any further…:frowning:

That was just my “suggestion” with the darker contrasts. I think it’s Great regardless, keep it up. Look forward to seeing your next drawing :+1: